The "cypress at2lp rc58" problem

Has your external hard drive stopped talking to you? Does your computer no longer even recognize it? Does it say it found a device by a producer called cypress, but could not find any driver for it? Which is all the more puzzling since most of us “knew” that our trusty old HD did not need any drivers at all?

Well. Usually this problem occurs as the so-called “cypress at2lp rc42” Problem, as wonderfully described here. I, using a Freecom Classic SL HD had the problem, but with the slight change that my “device” was a cypress at2lp rc58. The basic description on the linked page above is very good and helpful but in case you are looking for a …58 solution, here is your link to a different download. I urge you to read all the content on the first page first, however, even if the content on the 2nd page seems more palatable. It might answer some questions.

Now. It didn’t work quite as well for me as for the people using either of these two download pages. But rest assured, after some adjustments, these downlads came in very handy, so download them (well, the one that fits) anyway.

Now. On to my problem. (btw. This ‘enlarged’ solution here works for …42’s as well, I was assured.) Between step 5 or 6 in the MVIx USA solution, I had a problem, which I will now describe in the probably stupidest way possible: I could not get my computer to do, what it, according to the pretty screenshots, should be able to do. It did not, god damn it all, ‘know’ that cypress device for what it was. All the other parts of the issue suddenly were meaningless in the face of my obstinate Hardware Update Wizard.

Now. This wonderful link to cypress, provided me, after hours of useless and frustrating fiddling, with the help I needed. Download this, then find out which of the three drivers you find in that bulk of data you downloaded leads you to your goal (don’t worry, just try one after the other, I forgot which one it was, and I am fearful of checking, it might all come undone again, it’s obvious, when you’ve hit upon the right one.).

After having having helped your Hardware Update Wizard see the truth (don’t forget to boot at least once), just proceed as outlined in both of the two earlier links. Having done that, boot twice and be prepared to scream out in joy as your computer finds your External Hard Drive, looks for drivers and finds them. I was afraid to look at the files for fear that it was all just some cruel joke but it wasn’t, they were all there.

I hadn’t been that happy in ages. Hope this helps.

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