Power Poems

Politician’s Favorite Poems

Welsh independent Parthian Books (via the Bookseller) is publishing “an anthology of poems chosen by international political figures […]”. I thought it would be fun to take a look at what poems our “leaders” like to read, or say they do!

* Gerry Adams: W.B. Yeats’ The Lake Isle of Innisfree

* Gordon Brown: James Stockinger’s The Hands of Others

* Ariel Sharon: Naomi Shemer’s We are Both from the Same Village

* Dr Ian Paisley: Pastor James Kyle Paisley’s I Must Go On

* Gerhard Schroeder: Rainer Maria Rilke’s The Panther

* Tony Blair: Rubert Brooke’s The Soldier

* Anders Fogh Rasumussen: Piet Hein’s Living in the Moment

* Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga: Kahlil Gibran’s Pity the Nation

* Hans Goran Persson: Par Lagerkvist’s The Path on Which You are Walking

* Carlos Diego Mesa Gisbert: Jorge Luis Borges’ The Game of Chess

* Jose Maria Aznar Lopez: Rudyard Kipling’s If

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