A Poet’s Quest

Frieda Hughes (yes, the Frieda Hughes) on poetry

We must always remember that the reader can’t see what was in our mind unless we give them something to go on. A good poem uses the best words for the job. But we shouldn’t just throw them in the air and hope that they will fall in a cohesive heap; they require structure and a sense of responsibility. And we should always be looking for new ways to describe something.

One thought on “A Poet’s Quest

  1. Hello Sir:
    I found your site due to your “see blog” tag..which I also use. You are a very gifted writer and I will continue to read some when I can. I would like to invite you to my blog which is short stories, commentaries, poems, songs, etc. It is http://bryanastross.blogspot.com

    There is a lot there (as yours) but if you go to my first postings in April (there are only four of them) you’ll get a good idea of my thoughts. Hope you enjoy…I have been to Germany twice…loved it!!!
    my email is strossba@sensoryllc.com
    hope to hear from you some time
    thank you for your inspirational blog…hope you have some sunshine there this weekend…A fellow writer Bryan

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