Deutsche Scheiße

Faire und sachliche Darstellung* Deutschlands auf einem blog.

On the drive from the airport to your home they started complaining (it seems that Germans really like to complain all the time). “The American Airline (which was American Airlines) is not as good as their “Lufthansa”, “the food on the flight was so awful”, “the people at the airport have been impolite”, “the streets are not as good as in Germany” and on and on and on.. Every time I became somewhat critical of the German “culture” or their past they attacked America! I brought up the Holocaust and they said: “Hitler created jobs and your President George W. Bush is worse than Hitler!” I did not even dignify this with a response. One one point I just stopped the car and got out for a minute. The complete visit was almost unbearable until Sunday, when I had to throw them out!

Und dann noch dieses Bild, typisch für eine typische deutsche Straße (The true face of Germany. Syringe and broken glass covered with feces). Verschiedene Darstellungen hier, hier, und hier runden das Bild ab. Darf ich bitte die folgende Bitte unterstützen und -schreiben

Let your representative know that it might be necessary to attack Germany in the near future and also demand that Germany has to be kicked out of the UN and NATO.

* schade finde ich nur, daß die satirische Natur der Seite leider viele gute Ansätze kaputt macht. Sehr ärgerlich. Die haben ja literally recht. Aber gut. Man nimmt was man kriegt.


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