In a recent post @ the “On Faith” panel at the Washington Post online, Eboo Patel starts off writing

Susan Sontag once wrote, “Whatever is happening, something else is always going on.” While newspaper headlines are dominated by stories of hatred and violence between Jews and Muslims, there is a quiet revolution taking place off the radar screen.

and continues

In the recent issue of Reform Judaism, the movement’s magazine, Yoffie writes: “The time has come to engage in dialogue with our Muslim neighbors and to educate ourselves about Islam.”

Professor Ingrid Mattson, the President of ISNA (an umbrella body for the millions of American Muslims) responded in kind by traveling to the URJ Convention and making these remarks:

“Muslims have instinctively turned to the example of Jews in America to understand how to deal with the challenges we face as religious minorities […].”

There are other Muslim-Jewish efforts afoot. […]
We might actually be at a tipping point on this seemingly impossible issue.

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