"C’est ce vide qui m’ennuie"

Facinating article on what fellow blogger Fausto @ tabula rasa perceives as a lack in the francophonic blogosphere; I direct your attention especially to the comment section where a lively (and vitriolic) debate is taking place. I admit I do not share some axiomatic values of Fausto’s complaint, but the utter lack of the kind of blogs he mentions, useless though they may be, is noteworthy. If I may add a personal note: two years ago I looked quite intensively for a francophone discussion board and failed to find one of any quality. How small the francophone blog world is exemplified by the fact that on the one board I did start to frequent, http://forum.fluctuat.net/, the only knowledgeable person I found (Christian G@rp), belongs to the small blog network FFC.

One thought on “"C’est ce vide qui m’ennuie"

  1. Marcel, could you elaborate on the issues you have with my post / its axioms? Would be quite intersting to help me shape my ideas a tad better. This is all an ongoing reflexion.

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