How To Be An Idiot

Haruki Murakami, possibly the world’s most overrated writer, received the Jerusalem Prize and proceeded to spit in his hosts’ face with a hate- and spiteful speech that starts badly:

Any number of times after receiving notice of the award, I asked myself whether traveling to Israel at a time like this and accepting a literary prize was the proper thing to do, whether this would create the impression that I supported one side in the conflict, that I endorsed the policies of a nation that chose to unleash its overwhelming military power.

and gets worse with each paragraph that passes. Read it and cringe.

5 thoughts on “How To Be An Idiot

  1. Murakami has provided me with hours of enjoyment, I am fond of him. Why do you feel he is over rated?

    With regards to the speech, do you feel it was in bad taste?

  2. I thought it was several kinds of awful. Yes, in bad taste, but other things as well.

    I *like* Murakami as well. But is he nobel material? I have heard him called one of the five best living novelists. Repeatedly. I like him. But is he that good? Not by a wide margin.

    I will, however, reread some of his work with an open mind, and see what I think of it now. I’ll write a review or two then.


    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Yeah there is, but that reading depends of course upon considering context, tradition and connotation. It’s inane to read this text and text like it (any text, actually) divorced from things like context and connotations. It’s rather straightforward and clear though, if you do consider these things.

    seriously. you’re adult people reading a bookblog. it’s not that hard, really.

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