It’s the Dentist, Bitch

hortense over at Jezebel has been to the Circus. As an old Britney fan, I enjoyed it and so will you. Follow the link for the full article and a lot of pictures. Here’s some of her impressions:

The Circus experience is a bit like watching your best friend from high school do karaoke in an awesome series of costumes. You stand in a row surrounded by women your own age, staring at this girl you feel you’ve known since you were 16, and everyone in the entire stadium is excited and laughing and singing along. There is also a weird Britney video montage to Marilyn Manson’s cover of “Sweet Dreams” which was too much for my 90’s pop culture radar to handle and made my brain explode. A few of the concert reviews I read this morning were filled with bitching about how Britney doesn’t sing her own songs. To which I say this: if you pay money to see Britney Spears, you’re paying to see the spectacle of things. Going to see Britney Spears for her vocal skills is like going to see a podiatrist to get your teeth fixed.

Just so you know: I’m the jealous kind. I wish I had been there. I’ll take any good concert (I hear Waterdown are coming to town!), but Britney… why else would I know half of her songs by heart? I am meant to go to one of her concerts.

3 thoughts on “It’s the Dentist, Bitch

  1. Commenting just to let you know I’m here. Still not sure about the color scheme. Something just a little sparkly? I mean, you want to go on the wagon fine, but must your blog look like a meeting of the WCTU?

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