Cold Toes

Yeah. No new review today. I’ve written one but it’s shite. So I’ll take the opportunity to proclaim my adoration for a youtube user called mytoecold, who posts all kinds of things, some of which are great, some of which aren’t but he’s always amusing. That kid is what, 16? Have I done this sort of thing at 16 (yeah no youtube then, but still)? Here are three videos, one is a piece of, um, criticism, discussing a song by Metro Station and one (the one with the HOT DATE) is a bit of standalone madness. The third (Boy or Girl) is just brilliant in all sorts of ways. Really. Watch his videos.

9 thoughts on “Cold Toes

    • Okay, let’s talk.

      so I discovered Drew this June and was all happy-giddy-crush-like obsessed with him then it took a sharp negative turn since he was reminding me of my cyberbullies and my friends/family were sick of me talking about him and I didn’t even know who he was. Drew’s 20 now and he’s not really that cute, funny teenage boy anymore… he’s more depressing and his humor is burning out which doesn’t help matters. So it got to a point where any sight of him nearly made me puke yet I was still habitually attatched to him and not ready to give up… so that – in short – is why I’m going to a counselor

    • So I have not been following Drew in a while, and I’m not surprised he went a bit off the deep end. Didn’t he also make a movie with Shane Dawson? Hope you get better. Have you tried using the Holy Trinity (you know what I mean right?) to wean yourself off him?

    • Thanks 🙂 When was the last time you watched one of his vids? And why does it surprise you he went off the deep end? Oh and yes, I watched that movie, (because drew was in it lol) it sucked. But drew was a good actor

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