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I don’t regularly highlight blogs, except when I mention or link a post of them. I adore quite a few blogs and they turn up now and then, but this is different. This is a blog about the best German novelist of the 20th century, Hans Henny Jahnn. It is maintained by the wonderful Will who also maintains the well known (and fairly popular, I think) and equally wonderful blog A Journey Round My Skull. His blog about Jahnn takes its name from a story included in Jahnn’s magisterial and frighteningly amazing masterpiece Fluß Ohne Ufer (Shoreless River), about a character called Kebad Kenya. Prior to Will’s laudable efforts, no blog existed that was devoted to the man’s work which is largely out of print in German and largely untranslated into English (but well translated into French, curiously).  It’s still growing but already it’s the best resource on the man’s work in English. Direct link here.


(incidentally, in case you crave an update on what I do, amongst other stuff like my phd work, I’m currently translating Medea and Pastor Ephraim Magnus into English).

5 thoughts on “Blogging about God

  1. you translate medea and ephraim magnus. that is not a small challenge. good luck.

    do you know the book by jan buerger on jahnn? i enjoyed it quite a bit. hope he continues to do stuff on jahnn.

    • yes, I know that book. and yes, it’s a huge challenge. W/ medea I haven’t even fully decided which text to use. there are two in the collected works and one more I have at home. Huh. thank you for commenting.

  2. I’m a translator interested in Jahnn too (Ive translated Uwe Johnson, Bachmann, Walser, Rilke, Bernhard…). Exciting to hear that his plays are being translated. Have you found a publisher yet? Email me directly if you want? Cheers.

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