ikhnaton came up / with the door

Ishmael Reed: Why I Often Allude to Osiris

ikhnaton looked like
prophet jones, who brick
by brick broke up a
french chateau & set it
down in detroit. he was
‘elongated’ like prophet
jones & had a hairdresser’s
ikhnaton moved cities for
his mother-in-law &
each finger of his hands
bore rings.

ikhnaton brought re
ligious fascism to egypt.

where once man animals
plants & stars freely
roamed thru each other’s
rooms, ikhnaton came up
with the door.

(a lot of people in new york
go for him – museum curators
politicians & tragic mulattoes)
i’ll take osiris any
prefiguring JB he
funky chickened into
ethiopia & everybody had
a good time. osiris in
vented the popcorn, the
slow drag & the lindy hop.

he’d rather dance than rule


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