Sinuous mind of love

Jennifer Moxley: Into the Bedroom

Certainly deluded wisdom and all

those strewn packages from Christmas,

“scholar’s disorder” keeps me covered

under this comforter thinking of us.

There there Erasmus, sinuous mind of love

in all its fibres off to Paris to see

what’s become of an antique world.

Cut me a bolt of satin Vermeer

sing deep your told conviction,

lace up trussed up laughing feet

then turn your head and listen:

the parakeet doth chirp, the Moon

remarks my memory

and I am bending draped to brass

in pain and folly trembling.

There are so many so-so poets around, highly praised, selling well. In this context it is refreshing to discover a poet like Jennifer Moxley, one of the five best poets of her generation, who is an interesting thinker as well as a brilliant and moving wordsmith. The poem above is from her 1996 debut collection Imagination Verses, where you can see her trying out words, subjects and her place in a complex world. As a poet, she is constantly getting better. You can buy the 2006 reissue of Imagination Verses here, or her best book so far, the 2007 collection The Line here. If you are interested in contemporary poetry at all, you can’t possibly bypass Moxley’s extraordinary work

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