Sword, Sorcery and Business Meetings

Donny at his excellent new blog, reviewed Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn here:

I must admit I was compelled to stop reading several times early on in the novel. It wasn’t so much that the novel was incredibly badly written, it’s just the initial tedium of the prose and the clumsy scenes. There was one near the start where the thieving crew leader has a honest-to-goodness meeting that features perhaps the only medieval brainstorm session in literature (complete with a meeting secretary to take minutes!) to discuss ways to take down a ruling regime in place for thousands of years. The action items from this meeting was so open-ended and, in corporate parlance, ‘high-level’ that I literally laughed out loud. I have been party to many a corporate meeting, and having to read about one in a fantasy world is just wrong.

For my own review click here.


2 thoughts on “Sword, Sorcery and Business Meetings

  1. I love your blog already dude, and there’s not much on it. Looking forward to more. I quoted this bit, because this observation here is genius. I wouldn’t of come up with it in a million years, but it’s perfect.

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