Tell me I’m an idiot

Today a commenter on my blog, in response to my review of Hwang Sok-Yong’s “The Guest”, wrote

Did you really read this book? The christian characters in the story are protestants, not catholics, and this has a very important significance in the korean historical context.

THis is an exceedingly stupid mistake to make, and a huge one at that. I have not, I think, made mistakes of a similar magnitude before, but since I write most of my reviews from notes, with the books not at hand and my poor memory as sole guide, I am prone to make mistakes like that.

So here goes: if I’m being an idiot in my reviews, please tell me. You win…something. I’m asking this because I know that some people have read the review in question and read the reviewed book. I would really appreciate a head-up next time. I’m an idiot. I need your help.

For really helpful comments I offer used books. Good ones, too.

As for this review, I’m waiting for my sister to return me my copy and I will then rewrite the whole review. Until then, it stays, shameful as it is.


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