Does it look like this?

This blog has a new layout, and I had different complains about resolution and load-time issues. I tweaked it a bit, and here’s the question. Right now, this is how it looks chez moi. Is that how it looks at your end, too? It’s kinda the more important question. Comments encouraged.

7 thoughts on “Does it look like this?

  1. They look the same to me in Illinois. My only other comment is that reverse type (white against a darker background) is generally more difficult to read than dark type against a lighter background, and I prefer the latter.

  2. Is it bothersome? I picked this theme because it’s a bit clearer than the old one, slightly easier to navigate. ALso, the text column here is wider, which made me happy, too.

  3. Itz looks like that alright but what’s the red mist??
    your words lost in hell or something??

    I really liked that image with books and note books you used before, it was far more personal and referring to the issues of your weblog!

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