New poems. Want some?

I am compiling a manuscript of poems. New, well, most of them aren’t. Just so I’ll get em off my chest, and given the fact that I don’t publish them on the blog any more, I’ll send some of them around. If you’re interested email me with your address (you can find my email address in the “about shigekuni” section of the blog) and within the next month you’ll get a batch of poems. I just sent a few of them to South Africa, so postage isn’t an issue. A short cycle of poems and a group of random other poems. It’s free, but I would be happy about comments, though since I myself am a sluggish and laggard and crappy commenter (*hanging my head in shame*) I understand if you’d abstain from writing any.

7 thoughts on “New poems. Want some?

  1. I assume you’re in Bonn so will spare you the postage if you’re mailing. Besides, I doubt any comments I made would be more than a personal reaction – not necessarily useful to you.

  2. Why don’t you email a few to We are a new mag based in Ireland seeking submissions for issue 2 to be published before Christmas.More details/updates here
    Fairly low profile at the moment but the mag will savage everything in the irish poetry pond when first issue is released.Poets from Hungary (George Szirtes) Ireland, Canada, England, Scotland, America (including californian penal colony) Gran Canaria, France, in first issue.
    Best wishes,
    Peadar (Co editor)

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