“Mr. Pilgrim!”

As you know (see my review here), I loved/love Bryan Lee O’Malley’s magnificent creation called Scott Pilgrim.

Well, it’s been made into a movie. Although Michael Cera is horribly miscast in the title role, the whole product does look interesting. The more often I watch the trailer the more it appears to be a tragedy that the movie won’t hit German movie theaters before next year. Curses!


4 thoughts on ““Mr. Pilgrim!”

  1. Yes, he was. I don’t think he fits the Pilgrim type though. Although Pilgrim is clueless, as we read the books we find that he has quite a lively romantic history. I think he’s supposed to be kind of good-looking too, and not in the endearing way that Cera is. There’s a complexity in the way Malley constructs his protagonist but the movie opted for a very one-dimensional version when Wright picked Cera.

  2. Finished the first volume after reading this post. It’s beautiful.
    I agree about Michael Cera being wrong for the role;I think he was only cast due to the sudden Hollywood love for twenty-something goofy Jews. In fact, even disagree with the use of feature film. It’s a cartoon, and few directors have the ability to bring enough whimsy to film.

  3. Glad you liked the book! I’m always glad when a review leads to bookbuying and to someone actually also enjoying the book in question.

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