the hot slow head of suicide

Laura Riding Jackson: Death as Death

To conceive death as death
Is difficulty come by easily,
A blankness fallen among
Images of understanding,
Death like a quick cold hand
On the hot slow head of suicide.
So is it come by easily
For one instant. Then again furnaces
Roar in the ears, then again hell revolves,
And the elastic eye holds paradise
At visible length from blindness,
And dazedly the body echoes
“Like this, like this, like nothing else.”

Like nothing – a similarity
Without resemblance. The prophetic eye,
Closing upon difficulty,
Opens upon comparison,
Halving the actuality
As a gift too plain, for which
Gratitude has no language,
Foresight no vision.

This is taken from the momentuous The Laura (Riding) Jackson Reader, edited by Elizabeth Friedmann.


One thought on “the hot slow head of suicide

  1. Intricately fascinating, especially with my (six or so) readings coming in between shady and intricate dealings on facebook (not a normal state of events, I assure you). Each reflects on the other, over and over, resulting in a heightening of the mystery and awesomeness of both.

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