9 thoughts on “Nicole

  1. @Paul: biological sister. same father AND mother. =)
    @clarissa: venue is Schlosspark BrĂŒhl near Bonn. i’ll show you around when you’re here. 😉
    @eli: yes, she is. not everyone has a genius brother. 😉 No, I know what you mean. She’s brilliant, talented and good-looking.

  2. BTW, your blog is fantastic. Found it while searching for a Coetzee quote, which one of your commenters had posted. Anyway, I wasn’t just checking out your sister! Came back today and read some more. One quibble is the homepage takes forever to load. Probably more about my aging computer than anything else, but perhaps if pg. 1 only went back a month or so?

    And as a big Mishima fan (I’m a Yank living in Japan), I have to ask if Honda is the origin of your blog name? Love the first two books–the 2nd half of the tetralogy I found tedious.

  3. JCapan, yes, Honda is the origin of my blog name
    thanks for the kind words, and yes, I have been thinking of ddoing something about the load time of my blog. I only notice when I use a very old computer (backup), but when I do, I almost despair. I think that youtube videos are a big problem, I post too many of those, and older computers are bothered by that.
    thank you, again. (I wish I spoke japanese, by the way. I’ve only reviewed three Japanese novels, so far (https://shigekuni.wordpress.com/category/literature-japanese/), but the language and its literature beckons to me.)


  4. Thanks for the link. Shames me to say I’ve read none of the three, in particular Inoue. He’s nothing short of lionized here, yet I’ve read nothing more than a few of his short stories. During my first stint here roughly a decade ago, I read just about all the major works of J-literature, especially revering Kawabata, Mishima, and Oe. I continued to read a lot of J-lit while back in the US. Strangely enough, upon returning to Japan two years ago, my bygone passion has seemed to evaporate. Not sure if it’s that Japan is now my permanent home (we’ve started a family here) vs. the then transitory romance that my first stay involved (or the wistful longing from afar while back in the US).

    In any event, after returning to Japan, I reread my entire collection of J-lit and very little continued to reach me. Oe’s Silent Cry, Kokoro, Kuroi Ame. Was espec. depressed to see how little I responded (pushing 40 vs. pushing 30) to Mishima’s oeuvre. Probably more about me, but of late I’m far more drawn to my Anglo-American roots–from Hemingway to Cormac McCarthy and a lot of British authors ignored during my college days: Graham Greene, Lessing, Conrad. Anyway, I’ll continue to surf around.

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