Heine, Klopstock, Mann & I

As promised, photographic evidence of my pilgrimage to Klopstock’s grave (top left)

Also, here I am in front of the Buddenbrook House (top right), the Heine Haus,and some random Russian Church and other places. Additionally featured: my sister and a crucifixion. More pictures may be added as the evening goes on.





6 thoughts on “Heine, Klopstock, Mann & I

  1. Please forgive my ignorance but Buddenbrook House – is that not in Hamburg? Was Heine from Hamburg? Or is it Bremen?
    I always think of him in his Paris exile…

  2. Buddenbrook house is in Lübeck, which is where the Manns are from. The house itself is Thomas’ grandparents’ house, but it features prominently in the novel.

    Heine is from Düsseldorf, but he went to live with his Hamburg relatives for a while. His uncle, Solomon Heine, a merchant (Reeder), is very important for Hamburg, and the house (in Hamburg-Altona) commemorates him as much as his wayward nephew Heinrich, who went, I think, from Hamburg to Bonn, before leaving for Göttingen and then Paris.

  3. Yep. I’m tall, and still it dwarfs me in the picture. Inside disappointing though. Instead of a historically restored interior they have, among other things, rooms ‘like in the novel’, so you can walk through the novel. Me no likey.

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