10 thoughts on “Richard Swinburne discusses the Old Testament

  1. What I was trying to point out is that anyone who still calls the Hebrew Bible “Old Testament” is ignorant. My ex studied christian theology in the nineties, and even back then they insisted on this change of nomenclature.

  2. And btw, I’m all for it! Christian believes function very good without the Hebrew Bible. So get rid of it, christianity!!! Stick to your message of salvation, the “good news”, and leave the “old” stuff be!

  3. I have a stack of current theological fachliteratur at home and they all use “old testament”. It seems to be a/the accepted term for it.

    the more you know (dadadadaaaah)

  4. I recommend watching the vid. Swinburne explains very well why the Old Testament was kept. Notwithstanding the hundreds of cross-references between the books (that alone would make for arduous reading)

  5. I still believe that this acceoted term is an insult, that is why the term should be changed.

    I am not interested in the chritian views and arguments of this man.* (Even though I DID watch the video.) I know that christianity has always felt inferior and therefore needed to dissociate themselves from Judaism in a polemical way, well, I guess this is habitually and necessary for christians that were pagan, or better gentiles, before.

    *So I SAY: why not go the whole way and leave the roots out. They’re not christian anyway! Rome is *lol*

  6. This latter behavior is actually the basic modus operandi of all new or invading religious groups. There’s nothing specifically Christian about the polemicism etc.

    Swinburne, and this is what I like about the video, simply explains things that should be general knowledge. It’s not ‘christian views’ any more than knowing what transubstantiation is. It’s basic knowledge about how one of the largest religions on the planet works.

  7. I agree with Swinburne’s argument. While the language of the Old Testament is quite different from that of the New Testament, it is pointless now to try and separate them, as they have been fused into one Christian theology for centuries.

    The interviewer makes a mistake when he brings up Richard Dawkins. I admire Dawkins immensely as a science writer for “The Selfish Gene,” but he went completely off track as an advocate of atheism when he attacked theologians on their own turf. I haven’t read his recent books, but it sounds as if he lacks the background to make a case that is convincing to Christians. The strength of any scientific argument against the existence of a Christian God must rest on simple empiricism. All a skeptic need say is that they see no evidence that the God described in the Bible exists. In addition, evolutionary biology offers a convincing case for humans evolving from microbes, with random mutations leading the way. A scientific skeptic who accepts the premises of a theologian is like a dueler with a penknife opposing one with a bazooka.

  8. Oh well I only have my hopes up now and then that the christians finally manage to leave the Jews alone and the Hebrew Bible be.

    I am sure that as long as christians grab hold of what they have taken over from Juadaism, there will be Anti-Judaism. Naturally. Because there is a whole people that does not believe in this new text understanding of an “old” text.

    And it definitely is not about “reading it in a different context”, it is about conquering and assimilating. Naturally, conquereors and assimilators must get rid of the people that owned their object of desire (in this case: read their salvation texts differently, and) in the first place.

    As I said, now and then I have my hopes up…

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