David Foster Wallace Archive

Accidentally I stumbled over this

The archive of David Foster Wallace (1962-2008), author of “Infinite Jest” (1996), “The Broom of the System” (1987), “Girl with Curious Hair” (1989) and numerous collections of stories and essays, is now open at the Harry Ransom Center.

Among the treasures, there are copies of DFW’s teaching materials, you can see the inside of some of his books, or circled words in his dictionary and other things beside. Yummy.


2 thoughts on “David Foster Wallace Archive

  1. I’m a HUGE fan, but I recognize a great deal of it is personal. First time I opened a book of it, I connected immediately. At his best, DFW is stunning, flabbergasting, moving, incredible. At his worst, he’s precious and clever. If you’re wondering about where to start, I’d say start with “Oblivion”, his last collection of stories. Generally, as far as his fiction is concerned, if you don’t like Pynchon, Barthelme, Antrim & co., as I seem to remember you doing, he will likely not appeal to you, though.

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