That something in our souls

Oooh, I loves me some pathos. Empty waffle, but elegant empty waffle. I’m all for it! (complete transcript here)


2 thoughts on “That something in our souls

  1. Watched this live on CNN. Considering that the Americans, including the Obama administration, kept Mubarak where he was, I found the speech not only ‘waffle’, perhaps sincere (one never can tell with politicians whoever they may be), but not well timed. He obviously had to react but more interesting was the reaction of the Egyptians who said they had had their peaceful revolution without Obama and would build the future Egypt without his interference or help. They will obviously need financial help from somewhere but this new generation will not be bought easily.
    Tunisia, Egypt, I am now waiting for the rest of the region – Algeria, Jordan and Morocco… And the others. Saudi Arabia?

  2. Obama is turning out to be a rather trite speaker. He seems to have picked up all the rhetoric of the civil rights movement while living in Chicago – without having experienced it himself – and now he applies it to everything, including Arab protesters. I’m disappointed by his lack of originality and his essential hollowness.

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