Cologne Carnival (2)

Following this post of my own costume, here’s a picture from a so-called Veedelszog, a carnival procession restricted to a particular urban district. This is Köln-Longerich. Photograph by Azatoth.


5 thoughts on “Cologne Carnival (2)

  1. Honey, you’re barking up the entirely wrong tree here. In Europe, carnivals of various kinds have existed since the middle ages and the Cologne Carnival specifically, with most of today’s rules and rituals in place can be dated to the early 1800s, but various forms of it are much much older even here. It’s also much, much different in character.

  2. If the photograph is indicative of how festive it gets there, I’ll skip Germany, thank you. It looks like a nursing home event.

  3. Haha, no, this is the teeny tiny Veedelszog. I posted the picture because it looks so ridiculous. The largest procession is attended by about 1 million people and looks like this and there’s one like it in at least 10 other German cities on the same day, and almost the same size.

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