The noodles were only “meh”

While I’m drafting another review of my own, here’s a bit from a soup review.

I wasn’t a big fan of the noodles. Kumamoto is famous for its rather thick, almost Udon-like noodles, which is so different to the super-thin noodles mostly used in South-Western Japan.
Keika’s noodles were kind of in the middle, which would be alright in another soup, but not in this rich pork-soup.
While the noodles were only “meh”, I had a big problem with all the cabbage in the soup. Cabbage is not really a usual ingredients in Ramen and now I know why.. Just doesn’t go well with the rest, in my taste.

Are there soup review blogs? Christoph must have cornered the market on this. Here is another of his reviews.


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