Psychotropic Drugs & Beatings

This is an “account of life in Special Management Unit at SCI-Fayette in Pennsylvania [which] comes to us via the Human Rights Coalition”. A juvenile lifer (the unbelievable stupidity of putting kids behind bars for life) talks about his experiences.

I have been on Phase 4 for a month now and during that time I have witnessed several mentally ill RHU prisoners threaten to commit suicide. I have observed how RHU prison officials eagerly geared up in black Star-Wars helmet, body pads, shields, pepper spray and stun guns and were just itch’n to use their new toys against mentally ill RHU prisoners during cell extractions. I have witnessed the SMU/RHU counselor and unit manager come on the pod and leave just as quick as they came, without even as much interviewing and evaluating the psyche of the prisoners, let alone addressing their concerns. The Psychologist does the exact same thing. What occurs is that the mentally ill RHU prisoners’ minds deteriorate even worse to the point of insanity from the years of total isolation in solitary, forced cell extractions, beatings, restraint chairs, stripped cells, semi-starvation on food loafs, constant harassment by guards, and psychotic drugs.


5 thoughts on “Psychotropic Drugs & Beatings

  1. For a juvenile offender, he writes extremely well. Not the usual uneducated teenager from an underprivileged background!Makes me wonder why he is behind bars…

  2. Depends on what they have done. Am against the death penalty anyway -for kids or adults.

    Not sure if I agree when a 16 year old goes on the rampage and murders a whole family just for kicks, as oftem seems to be the case in the US. However, they are usually from underprivileged, uneducated families with a history of violence within the family/community.

    Hence my remark on the quality of the writing in your posting.

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