“Could They Beat Up China Miéville?”

This is a blog called “Could they beat up China Miéville”, and true to form, it recounts imaginary fights between China Miéville and many other people, such as Alain De Botton, Martin Amis and a dozen Elvis impersonators. The basis for the bloggers’ speculation appears to be this

Let’s make one thing clear: China Miéville is way too ripped for his chosen profession. Being the new demigod of speculative/weird English fiction, he should by rights be some kind of hunch-backed, bespectacled, bowl-haircut paradigm of nerd. Instead he’s an Adonis, a Hercules, a shaven-headed Atlas – standing out among his many accolades is the coveted “best guns in literature” award*; a title he seems unlikely to yield anytime soon.

Stylistically, it seems that the bloggers owe a very obvious debt to the cult online game Kingdom of Loathing (KoL). So how does Miéville do? So far, he’s been in 13 fights and won them all.

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