I know it

Dialog from the utterly amazing (yet short-lived) neo-noir crime show Terriers

00:14:08 » HANK: But that’s what you want.
00:14:09 » KATIE: That’s exactly what I want.
00:14:11 » HANK: Then why-why won’t you let yourself have it?
00:14:13 » KATIE: What’s wrong with me?
00:14:15 Why, Hank, when everything’s like so perfect?
00:14:18 » HANK: Yeah, drive a big dynamite truck right into it?
00:14:20 » KATIE: Yeah.
00:14:22 » HANK: Probably because somewhere deep down inside you— you just don’t feel like you deserve it.
00:14:30 » KATIE: I’m gonna lose him.
00:14:34 I know it.
00:14:36 I’m so scared.


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