Female Creators & DC Comics.

In yesterday’s review of China Miéville’s Dial H, I mentioned the regrettable dearth of female creators and characters in the New 52 relaunch. The difference to other publishers like Marvel (most notable probably is Kelly Sue DeConnick’s (female) Captain Marvel run, which so far (I am two trades in) is absolutely fantastic) is noticeable. Now, DC has announced a major new event, the first since they relaunched all titles. So, how do female creators fare there? Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass did the math:

Forever Evil is a huge event. In September the publisher will have 52 issues that will have villain on the cover. It will also have a seven issue mini series, Forever Evil, written by Geoff Johns and drawn by David Finch.

That’s a lot of writers and artists.

Just for the 52 issues appearing in September the number of credits is mind-boggling. I counted more than 150 credits and that includes the 20 artists that will be participating in Justice League #23.3: Dial E.

With only six of the artists announced for that issue, here’s the total on female creators.

Total female creators credits for Forever Evil announced to date:


So. There’s that.

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