At Home / Zuhause

This is the corner where I work (read, write, drink). Cleaned it today. Mighty proud of it, too. Look! You can actually see the carpet. Took me 2 frakking hours to get the shelves in shape and the floor clean. See? No papers, books, or other stuff lying around. Last picture, that’s my good lookin’ self. Without glasses. [as usual, click on pictures to enlarge, but the quality’s shitty, so while you’ll get a closer look, it’s also more blurred. You won’t be able to read any titles, for instance]


Spontan verfaßter Bildkommentar zu diesem fantastischen Bild

vom wald verschlungen
im schwangeren fluß ertrunken
schlug mich der wind
in blätterne felle
der himmel hat nicht licht genug
noch das jahr tage
daß ich je wieder errötete
oder ergrünte
wie meine verwurzelten schwestern

Don’t blame the poet. Blame his stash of cheap liquor! 😉