John Scalzi: Lock In

Scalzi, John (2014), Lock In, Tor ISBN 978-0-7653-8132-3 [A note: this review has somehow turned out very digressive, so here’s a quick tl,dr summary of my opinion: Lock In is an intelligent, fun, exciting science fiction novel built around a … Continue reading

Kerascoët & Vehlmann: Beautiful Darkness

Kerascoët and Vehlmann, Fabien (2009), Jolies Ténèbres, Dupuis ISBN 978-2-8001-4238-8 [English translation: Kerascoët and Vehlmann, Fabien (2014), Beautiful Darkness, Drawn & Quarterly Translated by Helge Dascher ISBN 978-1770461291] I will admit. Even though I read quite a healthy number of comic … Continue reading

W. Paul Anderson: Hunger’s Brides

Anderson, W. Paul (2005), Hunger’s Brides, Carroll & Graf. ISBN 9780786715411 Everyone knows Randall Jarrell’s definition of a novel (“…a prose narrative of some length that has something wrong with it…”), which he wrote in his extraordinary review of Christina … Continue reading

Katherine Addison: The Goblin Emperor

[given that my computer is still out of order, the other texts from my HD are still on hold. I’ve written small pieces here and there. This is one of them.] Addison, Katherine (2015), The Goblin Emperor, Tor ISBN 978-0-7653-6568-2 … Continue reading

Gila Lustiger: Die Schuld der Anderen

Lustiger, Gila (2015), Die Schuld der Anderen, Berlin-Verlag ISBN 978-3-8270-12227-2 Have you ever read a book and wished its author was a better prose writer? By which I don’t mean, have you ever read a bad book and wished you’d … Continue reading

Emily Perkins: Novel about my Wife

Perkins, Emily (2008), Novel About My Wife, Bloomsbury ISBN 978-0-7475-8422-3 Sometimes I am glad I persevere in reading a book that starts off awfully somehow. Novel About My Wife is one of those cases. New Zealand author Emily Perkins completely inhabits … Continue reading

Patrick Modiano: La place de l’étoile

Modiano, Patrick (1968, édition revue et corrigée 1995), La place de l’étoile, Gallimard. ISBN 978-2-07-036698-9 After Patrick Modiano won the Nobel Prize in Literature this year, French friends of mine expressed their satisfaction on Facebook. Finally! A readable and popular … Continue reading

Jason Aaron: Scalped

Aaron, Jason; R.M. Guera et al (2007), Indian Country, Vertigo ISBN 1-4012-1317-0 Aaron, Jason; R.M. Guera et al (2008),Casino Boogie, Vertigo ISBN 1401216544 Aaron, Jason; R.M. Guera et al. (2008), Dead Mothers, Vertigo ISBN 1401219195 Aaron, Jason; R.M. Guera et … Continue reading

Jen Williams: The Copper Promise

Williams, Jen (2014), The Copper Promise, Headline ISBN 978-1-4722-1112-5 Wiebe, Kurts J.; Roc Upchurch, Rat Queens: Sass and Sorcery, Image Comics ISBN 9-781607-069454 So through the years I have reviewed quite a few fantasy novels on this blog, but I … Continue reading

Ned Vizzini: It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Vizzini, Ned (2006), It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Hyperion/Miramax ISBN 978-0-7868-5196-6 So as a matter of fact I tend to read quite a few novels written in the genre commonly referred to as “Young Adult” (YA), but I don’t … Continue reading

Ilija Trojanow: The Lamentations of Zeno

Trojanow, Ilija (2011), EisTau, Hanser ISBN 9783446237575 [translated into English by Phillip Boehm as Trojanow, Ilija (2016), The Lamentations of Zeno, Verso Books ISBN 9781784782191] A special subcategory of the writers who write great books and then leave their readers hanging … Continue reading

Lawrence Norfolk: John Saturnall’s Feast

Norfolk, Lawrence (2012), John Saturnall’s Feast, Grove Press ISBN 978-0-8021-2088-5 So I guess we all have these writers – writers whose every book we read as soon as possible and whose future books we wait for, refresh amazon pages for, … Continue reading

China Miéville: Dial H

Miéville, China; Mateus Santolouco, Riccardo Burchielli et al. (2013), Dial H: Into You, DC Comics ISBN 9-781401-237752 Wood, Dave; Jim Mooney et al. (2010), Showcase Presents: Dial H for Hero, DC Comics ISBN 978-1-4012-2648-0 Pfeifer, Will; Kano et al. (2003), H-E-R-O: … Continue reading

Laurent Binet: HHhH

Laurent Binet (2010), HHhH, Livre de Poche ISBN 978-2-253-15734-2 [English translation: Laurent Binet (2012). HHhH. Farrar, Straus and Giroux Translated by Sam Taylor ISBN 978-0374169916 Georges Didi-Huberman (2011), Écorces, Editions de Minuit ISBN 9782707322203 Listen, I don’t think it’s just … Continue reading

William Attaway: Blood on the Forge

Attaway, William. Blood on the Forge, NYRB ISBN 9781590171349 Blood on the Forge, originally published in 1941, is an interesting read. Its author, African-American novelist William Attaway, is perhaps best know today as co-writer of Harry Belafonte’s “Bananaboat Song“. His … Continue reading

Taiyo Matsumoto: Tekkonkinkreet

Matsumoto, Taiyo (2007), Tekkonkinkreet, Viz Media [translated into English by Lillian Olsen] ISBN 978-1-4215-1867-1 Taiyo Matsumoto’s graphic novel Tekkonkinkreet, originally published in 1994 as 鉄コン筋クリート in three volumes (after having been published in small increments from 1993 to 1994), is … Continue reading

Ngugi wa Thiong’o: Weep not, Child

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o (1972), Weep not, Child, Heinemann ISBN 0-435-90007-2 Frantz Fanon once wrote that “decolonization is always a violent phenomenon.” And in the work of acclaimed Kenyan writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o this relationship between the historical process and the … Continue reading

Paul Celan, Ingeborg Bachmann: Correspondence

Bachmann, Ingeborg; Paul Celan (2008), Herzzeit: Der Briefwechsel, Suhrkamp ISBN 978-3-518-42033-1 [English translation: Bachmann, Ingeborg; Paul Celan (2010), Correspondence, Seagull Books Translated by Wieland Hoban ISBN 9781906497446] 2023. That’s the year until which the legendary correspondence between Paul Celan and … Continue reading

Ryotaro Shiba: The Last Shogun

Shiba, Ryotaro (2004), The Last Shogun, Kodansha International [translated from the Japanese by Juliet Winters Carpenter] ISBN 978-1-56836-356-1 When Commodore Matthew Perry appeared in Tokyo Bay (then Edo Bay) in in July 1853, and demanded that Japan open its ports … Continue reading

Mark Millar: Kick-Ass / Wanted

Millar, Mark; JG Jones, Paul Mounts (2008), Wanted, Top Cow ISBN 9781582404974 Millar, Mark; John Romita Jr. et al. (2010), Kick-Ass, Titan Books ISBN 9781848565357 This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last, that I confess my … Continue reading

Brandon Sanderson: Mistborn

Sanderson, Brandon (2007), Mistborn, Tor ISBN 978-0-7653-5038-1 The speed and quality of fantasy writing is quite notorious. Fantasy writers are expected to crank out thick, brick-sized books, in remarkably brief periods of time. Remarkable novelists, such as Patrick Rothfuss, whose … Continue reading

Grant Morrison: Batman: The Black Glove

Morrison, Grant; J.H. Williams III, Tony S. Daniel (2008), Batman: The Black Glove, DC Comics ISBN 978-1-4012-1945-1 Batman: The Black Glove is another installment in Grant Morrison’s work with DC Comics characters like Batman and Superman, and while it’s another … Continue reading

Thomas Strittmatter: Raven

Strittmatter, Thomas (1990), Raabe Baikal, Diogenes ISBN 2-357-22507-5 [English translation: Strittmatter, Thomas (1997), Raven, Chatto & Windus Translated by Ian Mitchell ISBN 9780701147938] [French translation: Strittmatter, Thomas (1994), Le Corbeau du lac Baïkal, Albin Michel Translated by Nicole Casanova ISBN … Continue reading