John Wray John Wray John Wray

Here I sit, fumbling with Skype, waiting for John Wray to come on. Today he will visit us chez bookbabble. In the meantime I found more stuff of his. Here and here are my reviews of his books and below is the first part of an unusual reading of his new novel, i.e. in the subway.

Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here.

Below is a Q&Asession with Wray. I make a point not to watch or read interviews before conducting one myself, so I haven’t seen this one, I think, but it looks good. Its from an reading at The Raconteur.

Part 2 here , Part 3 here.

Below is a discussion of John Wray and Adrian Tomine. Sound is a bit off but its worth persevering.

Really, buy/read his books.