Butt in the Chair

Ayelet Waldman interviewed by Meg Pokrass for Fictionaut.

I have four children and am thus so absurdly busy that I don’t have time for writers block. If I waited for inspiration, I’d never write anything else as long as I live. I have one rule: butt in the chair. I try to sit down to work five days a week, from about 10:30 AM to 3 PM, with a short break for lunch. When I’m feeling crabby, I remind myself that that is about as UN-onerous a schedule as a person could ask for, and I have no business whining about it.

and on being married to Michael Chabon

I have the world’s best in house editor. And more importantly, I am allowed to edit one of the best American writers of this century (or any, frankly). How cool is that?


You can find me in, seriously, too many places on the Internet. One of the more respectable ones is Fictionaut. I am lucky enough to be a member of that fine community, and once in a blue moon I post a text there. Here is the most recent one. But visiting Fictionaut is a good idea even if my crap is there. A great reason would be fantastic prose like Sam Rasnake writes it (click here for a recent story), or Meg Pokrass. Take a look. Click here.