Just One Book

Salt, the amazing British publisher of prose and poetry, is almost broke. Last year, they launched a campaign called Just one Book to save themselves, and they are doing it this year as well. It’s a plea to buy Just One Book published by Salt. You can buy it directly from them or from your retailer of choice. Spread the word. Here are three suggestions for you:

1. Buy Just One Book by Jennifer Moxley. Moxley is one of my favorite living American poets, and Salt has published two volumes of hers, Imagination Verses and The Sense Record. Both are strongly recommended by me.

2. Buy Just One Book by Michael Hulse. I was lucky enough to once meet Mr. Hulse in person, it’s still one of my highlights. Salt has published his book Empires and Holy Lands, Poems 1976–2000, which is a great treasure trove of poetry that draws on Continental and British sources in order to produce an assured, marvelous poetic voice.

3. Buy Just One Book by Rachel Blau DuPlessis. Blau DuPlesssis is both an insightful poetry critic as well as one of the most interesting American poets around. For years she has been contributing to her long poem of sorts called “Drafts”, a series of numbered poems. Salt has published at least two volumes of her poetry. One simply called Drafts, containing Drafts 39-57, which I own, and which is amazing. The other, called Torques, containing Drafts 58-76, which I just ordered and which I am pretty sure is great, since I know some of the poems.