Want to buy some art?

Oona Leganovic is a fantastic artist. In the past days I had the humbling honor of looking through some of her sketchbooks which re-enforced that impression. Sadly (and puzzlingly), she’s also not a very well off artist. Since I am ridiculously poor myself I can’t do anything about that, but you can. If you follow this link, you can find out how to buy her drawings. If you live in or near Berlin or are planning a visit within the next few weeks, you can go see her exhibition at Kaufbar Berlin. If you don’t trust my word (and why should you), check out her portfolio here. Amazed? Forgot where the guideline to buy her work was? It’s here. She also has an etsy store you can access here. Thank you for your attention. As you were.

My Version of World Domination

This from a new illustrated post at The Width of a Line, an awesome blog about a young, incredibly talented artist from Berlin, who keeps posting amazing sketches and pages and pages of her drawings online.

When people are moving too fast, if you’re brave you can also ask them if they would mind sitting for you for a bit, which helps to avoid the pesky drawing-people-without-a-model problem. I saw her at the fleamarket with a friend, but she was moving to much and too far away to sketch. I took heart and approached her, told her I would like to draw her if she had time, and gave her one of my cards. And she actually called about an hour later, ready to be drawn! (…) So this isn’t only about drawing strangers anymore. Suddenly I’m actually talking to people about drawing, exposing myself as I usually don’t: if they agree to be drawn by me, that also means they get so see and judge the drawing. This is frightening and exciting at the same time.

What this has to do with world domination? Well, as a side effect, this teaches me a lot about illustration in general, aspects of picture-making that I didn’t have to take into account before. Over these two month there is already a development in style and skill visible, I think. Ultimately I hope this will prove fruitful in helping me make a living from drawing, which is pretty much my version of world domination.

Sentimentalitäten im mp3-Land

Schöne Feststellung in der Testcard:

So wie dem analogen, “warmen” Klang des Vinyls mit der Einführung der CD eine besondere ‘Authentizität’ zugeschrieben wurde, werden CDs inzwischen als besonders ‘authentisch’ wahrgenommen. Angesichts der Musik, die teilweise nur noch auf Festplatten gespeichert wird, keinen weiteren materiellen Träger mehr braucht, zur reinen Information geronnen ist und mit großer Leichtigkeit manipuliert werden kann. Ganz als müsse der Tonträger für den nicht mehr anwesenden Musiker einstehen, als sei der nicht mal mehr an einen Bestimmten Tonträger gebundene Klang besonders “unwirklich”.

Oona Leganovic in der Testcard # 15: The Medium is the Mess(2006)